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Corporate entertainment and team building activities
Corporate Entertainment, Teambuilding & Conference Venues Corporate Entertainment, Teambuilding & Conference Venues

   Team Building

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  Corporate Entertainment, Team Building & Conference Venues  

Outdoor Team Building Events

Driving & Shooting Activity Days - Outdoor Team Building - Indoor Team Building - Health Spas

Outdoor Teambuilding

We understand that team building is an essential tool in developing your staff. Our events are designed to inspire and motivate your guests, giving them the opportunity to benefit from new experiences, work in a co-operative environment with their colleagues and develop as individuals – all whilst having lots of fun!

Quest for the Best

Quest for the Best specifically addresses the following areas:

  • Time management skills

  • Creative thinking

  • Risk Taking and assessment

  • Practical aspects of converting ideas to reality

  • Forging team spirit

  • Role definitions within a group structure

  • Team co-operation

  • Crossing new boundaries

  • Management development

Whilst our events encourage the development of skills that can be taken back to the workplace they are ultimately designed to be fun and rewarding experiences for all. We can also arrange for professional trainers to facilitate our events and work with you on specific topics pertinent to your business needs. Please ask for further details.


The ‘Quest for the Best’ will involve all your guests in an interesting and exciting Team Building Event. Based on skill and speed it’s great fun to win but just as much fun to participate in.

Scoring is devised so that the competitive can compete whilst those who simply wish to enjoy the day can do so. Our style is relaxed with the emphasis on fun.

We will ensure that each of your guests enjoy themselves and whilst being encouraged to ‘have a go’ no one should feel under any pressure to take part.

  • A memorable high quality event

  • Emphasis on the involvement of all of your guests

  • Momentum maintained throughout the event

  • Each guest will be involved as an integral member of the team

The Format

  • Your party will be divided into teams

  • A series of Challenges are set for each team

  • Teams gain points according to the degree of success on each Challenge

The Challenges
Chinese Crackers Chinese Crackers
The pyramid can be quickly dismantled for relocation but unfortunately moving the building blocks is not so simple. To re-assemble the pyramid in its new location requires considerable co-ordination and teamwork, naturally under pressure as the clock ticks on.
The Egg The Egg
Lateral thinking, initiative and an open mind combined with good team organisation are necessary to rescue a fragile egg without being caught in the protected area!
River Crossing River Crossing
Use the equipment provided to transport your team and its load from one side of the river to the other - but without getting your feet wet!
Rocket Rocket
Design and fire a rocket, which will fly further than the opposition's with some 120 feet of flight necessary to achieve victory. A stylish rocket could gain bonus points – vital in this competition!
Jigsaw Jigsaw
Our giant Jigsaw has just sixteen pieces but makes assembling an MFI wardrobe look easy. Each piece could fit in 64 possible positions; your team must fit every piece correctly against the clock.
Rollercoaster Rollercoaster
Balancing skills, teamwork and the track laying skills of British Rail are required for success.
Construction Chaos Construction Chaos
A race against time to devise and construct a safe platform before the team prematurely comes to a sticky end.
The Catapult The Catapult
With the materials provided devise a machine that will project your missile. Points will be scored according to the distance thrown with the winning team projecting their missile the furthest.

The Trivia Challenge

A selection of twenty-five perplexing and infuriating trivia questions to take your guest's minds off the other mind-bending activities we will provide. Agreeing the answers can be the ultimate test of a good team!

A Winner’s Medal is provided for each member of the Winning Team.

The Prices

Number of Guests

Number of Challenges
Challenge Duration

Up to 20 Guests

Six Challenges

£1,370 plus VAT

Up to 2 hours

Up to 30 Guests

Six Challenges

£2,030 plus VAT

Up to 2 ½ hours

Up to 40 Guests

Six Challenges

£2,640 plus VAT

Up to 3 hours

Up to 100 Guests

Seven Chllenges twice

£5,845 plus VAT

Up to 3 hours

Please note: the above prices are exclusive of venue fees and catering costs.

More Outdoor Team Building Events
Treasure Hunt Cryptic Treasure Trails (2 1/2 hours)
This action packed journey into the unknown requires observation, concentration, communication and some shopping as teams attempt to bring back the answers to a frustratingly fiendish set of cunning clues. Cryptic treasure hunts can be undertaken on foot or in cars.

20 guests from £1,150 + VAT    30 guests from £1,450 + VAT
40 guests from £1,700 + VAT   100 guests from £3,300 + VAT
Out of Office Olympics Out of Office Olympics (2 1/2 hours)
Go for gold with our top 12 'Olympic' activities. This dynamic inter-team dodecathalon will have you laughing all the way to the finishing tape as you negotiate a crazy course of fun filled activities. Fun and safety are our prime concern, fitness is not required.

20 guests from £2,500 + VAT    30 guests from £2,500 + VAT
40 guests from £2,800 + VAT   100 guests from £4,900 + VAT
Mission Control Mission Control (1 1/2 hours)
Each team must design, build and launch a chemically powered two-stage rocket. With over 300 feet of vertical lift possible, a safe landing is ensured as the motors second stage ejects a parachute to guide the rocket gently to earth. Scores based on design and flight time.

20 guests from £1,000 + VAT    30 guests from £1,000 + VAT
40 guests from £1,200 + VAT   100 guests from £2,700 + VAT
Spy Academy Spy Academy (Half or full day)
This is the ultimate test of observation and memory. Teams attempt to master three fiendish zones; mental, physical and sniper, pitting their minds, imagination, knowledge and cunning against their fellow undergraduates. Scheming, stealth and subterfuge required!

20 guests from £3,050 + VAT    30 guests from £3,600 + VAT
40 guests from £3,950 + VAT   100 guests from £8,100 + VAT

Event Management

Included in your quote we will provide a full management portfolio incorporating the following:

  • Site décor to include bunting and flags

  • Event Manager and structured competition format where appropriate

  • Uniformed instructors on each activity

  • Clearly identified safe zones

  • Coloured baseball caps to identity teams and generate team spirit

  • Safety equipment

  • Protective overalls, where appropriate, in a wide range of sizes

  • Disposable cagoules

  • Multi-coloured mini marquee

  • Winner’s medal for each member of the winning team

  • Winner’s medal for the best individual on each activity

  • Pre-event client liaison

  • Co-ordination and management of the event

Health & Safety

  • Our activity providers KDM have £5 million public liability insurance.

  • Personal accident insurance cover is available. Please contact us for details.

  • KDM take issues of safety extremely seriously. To reinforce the emphasis on safety, overall safety issues are addressed at the initial briefing with specific and relevant issues reinforced at each activity.

  • Our staff are fully trained and experienced event professionals.

  • Please make all guests aware that they must not drink alcohol prior to participating in the activities.

  • Please ensure that appropriate footwear is worn to suit the outdoor conditions.

Client Testimonials

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