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Corporate entertainment and team building activities
Corporate Entertainment, Teambuilding & Conference Venues Corporate Entertainment, Teambuilding & Conference Venues

   Team Building

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  Corporate Entertainment, Team Building & Conference Venues  

Indoor Team Building Events

Driving & Shooting Activity Days - Outdoor Team Building - Indoor Team Building - Health Spas

Indoor Teambuilding

We have developed an extensive range of practical indoor team building events specifically designed to create situations where teamwork and communication are the prime factors in achieving the activity objective. These indoor teambuilding events are especially useful during the cold, dark winter months or when the weather is not suitable to work outside.

Please note: the prices below are exclusive of venue fees and catering costs.

The Events
Breaking News Breaking News (2 1/2 hours or as a full day)
In this news desk scenario event, teams create the stories, work out the scripts and decide who crews the camera, reads the news and handles the props. Scoop news stories are then filmed'on location'. Teamwork and individual contributions help achieve the team objective.

20 guests from £1,250 + VAT    30 guests from £1,550 + VAT
40 guests from £1,850 + VAT   100 guests from £3,400 + VAT
Big Top Circus Big Top Circus (2 hours)
This fun, interactive event comprises four areas of traditional circus discipline: Balance, Rhythm, Juggling and Motion skills. Mastery of newfound skills such as plate spinning, juggling, diablo and many others generates a real sense of achievement.

20 guests from £1,550 + VAT    30 guests from £1,550 + VAT
40 guests from £2,050 + VAT   100 guests from £3,050 + VAT
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction (2 hours)
Teams endeavour to build individual pieces of interconnecting apparatus from limited available information. When complete, the components are linked together to produce a continuous working machine - well that's the theory! Lots of thinking and problem solving.

20 guests from £1,250 + VAT    30 guests from £1,550 + VAT
40 guests from £1,850 + VAT
Bigger Picture Bigger Picture (60 to 90 minutes)
Teams create their own masterpiece by individually recreating small areas of a highly colourful picture. Individual pieces are then combined to produce the finished work of art! Teams need to work together and communicate information accurately to succeed.

20 guests from £1,250 + VAT    30 guests from £1,550 + VAT
40 guests from £1,850 + VAT   100 guests from £3,400 + VAT
Magazine Mayhem Magazine Mayhem (1 1/2 hours)
The presses are ready to roll when suddenly some real news is released! Using the press pack provided the team needs to pull together a front page of epic proportions - and fast! Spin your sizzling stories to get your rag flying off the newsstand.

20 guests from £1,250 + VAT    30 guests from £1,550 + VAT
40 guests from £1,850 + VAT   100 guests from £3,400 + VAT
Wacky Racers Wacky Racers (2 1/2 hours)
Power your way to pole position for a place on the podium. Hand brake turns and 360's are unlikely to happen in these hand-built rugged roadsters, but the ability to build a Porsche from a plank and four pram wheels might just give you the edge. Brilliant teambuilding fun!

20 guests from £1,250 + VAT    30 guests from £1,550 + VAT
40 guests from £1,850 + VAT   100 guests from £3,400 + VAT
Rags to Riches Rags to Riches (1 1/2 hours)
Teams bet fun money as they go head to head against other teams in this frantic race for riches. It's very hectic and a fantastic team builder. A wide selection of activities is available including splat the rat, bar football and air hockey. Unexpected stars will emerge!

20 guests from £1,250 + VAT    30 guests from £1,550 + VAT
40 guests from £1,850 + VAT   100 guests from £3,400 + VAT
Road to Rio Road to Rio (1 1/2 hours)
A fast moving and energizing rhythmic experience that quickly transforms a group of musical novices into a pulsating Samba beat band. In no time at all, our team will have energy levels soaring, a room full of smiles and you ready for an unforgettable experience.

20 guests from £1,900 + VAT    30 guests from £2,400 + VAT
40 guests from £2,600 + VAT   100 guests from £4,800 + VAT

Event Management

Included in your quote we will provide a full management portfolio incorporating the following:

  • Site décor to include bunting and flags

  • Event Manager and structured competition format where appropriate

  • Uniformed instructors on each activity

  • Clearly identified safe zones

  • Coloured baseball caps to identity teams and generate team spirit

  • Safety equipment

  • Protective overalls, where appropriate, in a wide range of sizes

  • Winner’s medal for each member of the winning team

  • Winner’s medal for the best individual on each activity

  • Pre-event client liaison

  • Co-ordination and management of the event

Health & Safety

  • Our activity providers KDM have £5 million public liability insurance.

  • Personal accident insurance cover is available. Please contact us for details.

  • KDM take issues of safety extremely seriously. To reinforce the emphasis on safety, overall safety issues are addressed at the initial briefing with specific and relevant issues reinforced at each activity.

  • Our staff are fully trained and experienced event professionals.

  • Please make all guests aware that they must not drink alcohol prior to participating in the activities.

Client Testimonials

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