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Corporate Entertainment Evenings - Sport Break UK
Corporate Entertainment, Teambuilding & Conference Venues Corporate Entertainment, Teambuilding & Conference Venues

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  Corporate Entertainment, Team Building & Conference Venues  

Evening Entertainment

Corporate Evening Entertainment

Whether it is for client entertainment or celebration of a successful year. Maybe your company wants something unique to put the finishing touch to a productive conference or exhilarating team building experience?

Sportbreak can provide a vast array of entertainment for your perfect evening. From a private dinner and cabaret to a completely bespoke evening in a purpose built and designed environment.

The start to any evening’s entertainment is finding the right venue. As well as the Watermill Barn at Coltsford Mill our home venue, Sportbreak has a vast directory of venues around the UK and abroad and can find the perfect venue for your event.

This is only the first stage, to complete the perfect night our experienced entertainment team will be pleased to liase with you to find out exactly what you want for your evening.

A brief selection of ideas and events are outlined below but you are not limited to choosing one of these options. If you have an idea of what you want we will provide it for you as a completely bespoke design.

Evening Events
Mega Quiz Mega Quiz (1 1/2 hours)
This is definitely the quiz with a difference, interactive, reactive and overactive. Laughter, music and mayhem... it also includes questions! If required the Mega Quiz can be run as a questions only event.

20 guests from £950 + VAT    30 guests from £1,050 + VAT
40 guests from £1,200 + VAT   100 guests from £1,800 + VAT
Rags to Riches Rags to Riches (1 1/2 hours)
Teams bet fun money as they go head to head against other teams in this frantic race for riches. It's very hectic and a fantastic team builder. A wide selection of activities is available including splat the rat, bar football and air hockey. Unexpected stars will emerge!

20 guests from £1,250 + VAT    30 guests from £1,550 + VAT
40 guests from £1,350 + VAT   100 guests from £3,400 + VAT
Scalextric Scalextric (1 1/2 hours)
Our giant landscaped 20' x 6' four lane track consists of hairpin bends, chicanes, fast straights and crossovers and comes fully 'dressed' with grandstands, scenery and spectators. Supervised by two uniformed race marshalls, you will need to combine skill and speed to master this thrilling event.

One Track  £700 + VAT     Two Tracks  £1,850 + VAT
Horses for Courses Horses for Courses (2 hours)
A race night is a sure fire winner for a fabulous evenings entertainment. Guests have the best seats at the 'track' and the going is always good. This event sorts the bookies from the rookies as your guests gamble away their fun money in an attempt to 'clean up' after the race!

20 guests from £950 + VAT    30 guests from £950 + VAT
40 guests from £1,070 + VAT   100 guests from £1,550 + VAT
Fun Casino Evening Fun Casino Evening (2 hours)
With all the glamour and excitement of Monte Carlo, this relaxed and informal event allows you to break the bank without breaking into your own bank account! Fun money abounds as our experienced croupiers turn your guests into millionaires at the turn of a card.

20 guests from £700 + VAT    30 guests from £700 + VAT
40 guests from £1,000 + VAT   100 guests from £2,200 + VAT
Game Show Didn't They Do Well! (1 1/2 hours)
Up to nine rounds of crazy after dinner activities will keep your guests entertained and amused as each table battles for supremacy in this fun and frivolous game show format. From Ready Steady Cake to Juggle Muddle via Blind Drink, the pace is upbeat and the patter flows.

20 guests from £1,450 + VAT    30 guests from £1,450 + VAT
40 guests from £1,700 + VAT   100 guests from £3,200 + VAT
Wine Tasting Around the World in 80 Minutes (1 1/2 hours)
Join our celebration of the gifts of Bacchus, the god of wine, as you imbibe your way around the world in eighty minutes! This imaginative pre-dinner event allows your guests to unwind after a heavy conference or acts as the perfect icebreaker.

20 guests from £1,000 + VAT    30 guests from £1,250 + VAT
40 guests from £1,500 + VAT   100 guests from £3,000 + VAT
A Fly in your Soup A Fly in your Soup
The dinner with a difference! The evening gets off to a great start with everything running smoothly… then the cracks appear – and not just in the plates! An hilarious climax to an evening of escalating disaster.

20 guests from £800 + VAT      30 guests from £800 + VAT
40 guests from £1,000 + VAT   100 guests from £1,700 + VAT
Murder Mystery Murder Mystery
During pre-dinner drinks, our actors, in character, provide guests with an identity for the evening. As guests sit for dinner our actors are introduced and the scene is set. Light hearted, fun and informal, each event is perfectly paced to keep you guessing.

20 guests from £800 + VAT      30 guests from £800 + VAT
40 guests from £1,000 + VAT   100 guests from £1,700 + VAT

Themed Evenings

Our themed evenings are designed to transport you to far away places and dependant on your objectives can suit a variety of occasions. From a traditional Gala Dinner to a Wild West Showdown we have a theme and the entertainment to complement your evening.

Prices for all themed evenings below
20 guests from £1,000 + VAT    30 guests from £1,250 + VAT
40 guests from £1,500 + VAT   100 guests from £3,000 + VAT

Suggested Themes
Caribbean Beach Party Caribbean Beach Party
Transporting you to a tropical paradise, our Caribbean Beach Party promises an evening of calypso culture and carnival fun. From relaxing rhythms to energetic entertainment the night captures the unmistakable sights, sounds and spirit of exotic Caribbean shores.

James Bond Night Licensed to Thrill
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the international underworld made famous by Her Majesty’s indestructible secret agent, 007. Surrounded by the backdrops associated with the world’s most sophisticated super-spy this truly memorable evening explodes with high-octane thrills and spills.

Hollywood Nights Hollywood Nights
Lights, cameras and non-stop action are all in store as we roll out the red carpet for an evening of sophistication and razzmatazz that captures the unmistakable atmosphere of tinsel town. Join ‘Oscar’ and all the legends of the silver screen in a glittering night that promises to make you and your guests feel like stars.

The Super Seventies The Super Seventies
Dust off the platform shoes and dig out those flares! Step back in time to a psychedelic era packed with funky tunes, disco dancing and outrageous fashions. Flared trousers, colourful shirts, mini skirts and anything suitably colourful and crazy will be appropriate for the occasion.

Saucy Salsa Saucy Salsa
The mood and style of the evening can be captured by the simple invitation to your guests to come ‘prepared to party’ and enjoy the vibrant colours and heady atmosphere of a hot Salsa Night.

Prohibition Ball Prohibition Ball
Join us at Casey’s nightclub, a speakeasy in downtown Chicago in the 1920’s. It’s the era of Prohibition, Goodfellas and Flappers and the Mob are making a mint. This truly modern decade was vibrant and violent, stimulating and ruthless. The fashions and fads were elegant and sophisticated, but tainted with an underworld undertone of corruption and organised crime. Join us for an unmistakable evening with the untouchables. It will be a racket.

Medieval Feast Medieval Feast
Experience the bawdy mirth and merriment of Medieval England as your guests enjoy the authentic flavour of 16th Century life and the knights and their ladies gather in the Court of King Henry to feast and revel on the eve of battle!

Demon's Diner Demon's Diner
Fancy your own ‘Fright Night’ where ghosts and ghouls gather with your guests for a haunting banquet? Then join us at the ‘Demon’s Diner’ where we will conjure up a supernatural atmosphere to complement your mysterious menu. Your dining tables and room will be themed with everything you would expect from a spook-tacular event – and things that are sure to send a shiver down your spine!

Wild West Hoedown Wild West Hoedown
Saddle up partners and dust off those spurs as we head for a whip-cracking, high-stepping Wild West hoedown. Nestled within the boom town setting of the old West, amongst the cacti and mountains, we will be quick on the draw to ensure the saloon girls and gunslingers in your party have a really wild time. Dig out those jeans and shirts and we’re ready to party. See y’all soon!

Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland
Be transported to a wintery world, where memories of childhood delights are relived in grand style. Accompanied by the magical sounds of bell ringing and carol singing, and entertained by living statues, jugglers and stilt walkers your guests could relax in the timeless beauty of an icy grotto filled with magical and marvellous creatures! The very essence of a Winter Wonderland is captured for your guests to enjoy.

Spanish Fiesta Spanish Fiesta
To set the scene playing in the background, the distant sounds of soothing Spanish guitar can be heard, accompanied by the ever-present crickets! As your guests enter the room they could make their way under the whitewashed archway entrance, past the old pump running water into the barrel and along the Spanish street, seeing the walls of the Spanish style houses painted white, pale pink or brown, with shuttered windows and doors complete with terracotta roof tiles.

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